Luis Vizcaino  #51
Position  P
Height  5' 11"
Weight  210
Bats  Right
Throws  Right
Birthdate  8/6/1974
MLB Seasons  11

Luis Vizcaino (no middle name according to is a relief pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Vizcaino has previously played for six other teams, making the Cubs his seventh, including rivals Chicago White sox, where he won a world championship and the Milwaukee Brewers. Vizcaino strted his career in 1999 with the Oakland Athletics and went 0-0 with a 5.40 ERA in 1 game. In 2000, Vizcaino went 0-1 with a 7.45 ERA in 12 games. In 2001, Vizcaino went 2-1 with a 4.66 ERA in 36 games. Vizcaino was acquired by the Milwaukee Brewers that offseason. In 2002, Vizcaino went 5-3 with a 2.99 ERA in 76 games. In 2003, Vizcaino went 4-3 with a 6.39 ERA in 75 games. In 2004, he went 4-4 with a 3.75 ERA in 73 games. In 2005, Vizcaino played for the Chicago White Sox, where he won a world championship. He went 6-5 with a 3.73 ERA in 65 games. In 2006, Vizcaino played for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He went 4-6 with a 3.58 ERA in 70 games. In 2007, he played for the New York Yankees, and went 8-2 with a 4.30 ERA in 77 games. In 2008, he played for the Colorado Rockies, and went 1-2 with a 5.28 ERA in 43 games. He was traded to Cubs for Jason Marquis the following offseason.